Spectacle Frames, Lenses, Sunglasses and Contact Lenses

Spectacle Frames

Many of the latest fashion and sporting brands are in stock at Kyle Ward Optometrist. Brands such as Versace, Prada, Oakley, Silhouette, Vogue, Ray Ban, Mexx and many others are available. The staff at the practice will provide expert help regarding frame suitability, comfort and fit.


Lens technology is an ever changing aspect within Optometry. For those who wear spectacles the challenge has been to provide a quality lens affording exceptional vision clarity and at the same looks cosmetically appealing and is light and comfortable to wear. Latest advances in lens technology have meant that these needs can now be achieved. The optometrist and staff of this practice will discuss all lens options available to you, taking into account your individual spectacle prescription as well as cosmetic and work/lifestyle requirements.

High index lenses have allowed thinner lenses to be provided which thereby maximizes the cosmetic appeal of the lenses as well as minimize the weight, two traits of particular of importance with wearers of stronger spectacle prescriptions.

Lens coatings, such as multi-coating and hard-coating, afford greater scratch resistance, vision quality (by reducing unwanted glare/reflections) and ease of keeping your spectacle lenses clean.

Transition lenses provide the wearer all the benefits of an essentially clear lens with the added bonus of sun/glare protection.

Multifocal lens technology is always evolving with advancements allowing wider/clearer fields of vision whilst at the same time reducing peripheral distortion.

Whether you are a wearer of single vision, bifocal or multifocal lens types, you can be assured that you will have the opportunity to have the latest lens types dispensed in your new spectacles.


Sunglasses are recommended for everybody today, both adults and children alike. Eyes are susceptible to many disorders and diseases with enough exposure with ultraviolet radiation. Cataracts, pterygium and ocular cancer are such conditions the wearing of sunglasses are there to prevent.
Ideally a sunglass which exhibits a wrap around style is preferred and a style which fits reasonably closely to the face is recommended. These features will maximize the UV protection. A range of polarized spectacles are of course available for those who need extra protection from reflected glare, especially those with a love of the water sports variety.
All sunglasses available at our practice comply with the Sunglasses Standard of Australia.
Brands we stock include Oakley, Ray Ban, Maui Jim, Oroton, Bill Bass and Dirty Dog to name a few.
Of course prescription sunglasses are available for those who wear prescription spectacles. Prescription sunglasses can be fitted to both optical and sunglass frames. The sunglass lens exhibit 100% UV protection and can be tinted to range of colours and density. Polarized lenses are available in prescription sunglasses as well.